Monday, May 21, 2007

Scott Stapp is a Tool

You know what I hate? The music of Creed. I've got that stupid "Can you take me higher yarrrgh" song stuck in my head right now. It's not because I've been rocking that crap on my ipod. No, I was reading the news and saw that Scott Stapp was arrested on domestic violence charges for throwing a bottle of Orangina at his wife. First off, I was mad that I even had to remember that tool and his crappy band. I thought their fifteen minutes was up, but he's trying milk a few more dollars out of stupid people. C'mon, admit it, one of you out there bought a Creed album. After all, they won a Grammy for best rock song right? Isn't that the seal of approval for All Things That Suck?

Some of you might be saying, "Hater, why let a no talent yarler like Scott Stapp make you mad, there's plenty of crappy music out there."

You're right, there is plenty of awful music in the world, but most is not made by lying, manipulative, former/current alcoholic drug addicts claiming to be born again Christians. Only one that I know of had a Behind the Music Special on VH-1. On it he cried about how he used to smoke weed, eat 'shrooms and acid, do blow and what an awful time it was. He claimed he was a born again Christian rockin' for God and what a pious person he had become. Then shortly after he was busted for cocaine and eventually kicked out of his band. "Can you get much lower yarrgh."

So now he's resorted to domestic violence charges to get attention for a flailing solo career. I hate that guy.

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